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We supply most innovative, New-Generation and high-performance cash and Coin Counting and Sorting Equipment for your cash-processing businesses!
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Since 2003, AMROTEC® has been supplying Innovative, SMART, User-Friendly, impressive high-speed Currency Discriminating and multi-Pocket Sorting machines for Financials, Retails, Super-Market Chains, CITs and Casinos across the United States.

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“AMROTEC®’s  E-Commerce site is designed for  businesses (such as Financial Institutions, Retail businesses, Cash processing centers, Casinos, various gaming avenues, CITs, State and Federal Government Agencies etc.) located in the United States of America or Canada to purchase certain AMROTEC® products directly at a discounted price.  To be our registered users and qualified purchasers of this E-commerce site, all purchasers must be end-users or machine operators or machine owners (coin and cash processing equipment). If you are a dealer or reseller in this coin and cash processing equipment industry, please contact us via email or phone to become our authorized dealer in your state.”

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Financial Institutions

Financial market includes commercial and Retail banks, CITs and ATM (IAD) located across the United States. AMROTEC® offers High-performance Currency Discriminators, up to 12-pocket Banknote Sorters, and high-speed coin sorters. 

Credit Unions

Product offering to Credit Unions and Community banks across the United States include medium to heavy-duty Currency Discriminating products from 1 to 2 pockets, advanced Coin packager to bag or roll coins and Medium to high-speed Coin Sorters for bagging.  

Casinos & Gaming

Casinos across the United States require Heavy-duty Currency Discriminating and Sorting products ranges from 2 pocket Currency Discriminators to 12-Pocket Sorters to process banknotes as well as barcoded Tickets in mixture. Software is also available. 


Retail Market Segment includes Groceries, Super-market-chains, Restaurants, Bars and other cash processing businesses. AMROTEC® offers 1 to 2 pocket currency discriminator counters, coin packager and medium to high-speed coin sorters to fit for this retail market segment. 


Vending market includes all sort of vending businesses, car-wash and  coin-operated businesses. AMROTEC® offers  high-end and advanced coin packager and medium to high-speed coin sorters at competitive rate. Check out our S-Series Coin Sorters. 

Best Selling Products!

(Medium ~ Heavy-Duty)

Purchase our Heavy-duty new generation Touch-panel model "MiB-11V" Currency Discriminator 2-pocket or medium-duty MiB-9 to process your medium to high volume cash processing

(Medium ~ Heavy duty)

Purchase K-Series Banknote Sorters ranges from 3 pocket up to 12-pocket best suitable for Casinos, Bank and CIT Vaults and other heavy-duty cash operation

(Medium ~ Heavy Duty)

Purchase AMROTEC's S-Series Coin Sorters to sort all US coins into 6 different bins or bags and high-speed from 700 coins to 2600 coins per minute.

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MiB-11V Currency Discriminator - 2P, Touch Screen, Heavy-duty

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MiB-9 Currency Discriminator - 2P, Medium-duty

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