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Financial Institutions

Financial market includes commercial and Retail banks, CITs and IAD (Independent ATM deployer) located across the United States. AMROTEC® offers High-performance Currency Discriminators, up to 12-pocket Banknote Sorters, and high-speed coin sorters. 

Credit Unions

Product offering to Credit Unions and Community banks across the United States include medium to heavy-duty Currency Discriminating products from 1 to 2 pockets, advanced Coin packager to bag or roll coins and Medium to high-speed Coin Sorters for bagging.

Casinos & Gaming

Casinos across the United States require Heavy-duty Currency Discriminating and Sorting products ranges from 2 pocket Currency Discriminators to 12-Pocket Sorters to process banknotes as well as barcoded Tickets in mixture. Software is also available. 

Supermarket & Retail

Retail Market Segment includes Groceries, Super-market-chains, Restaurants, Bars and other cash processing businesses. AMROTEC® offers 1 to 2 pocket currency discriminator counters, coin packager and medium to high-speed coin sorters to fit for this retail market. 

Vending & Other

Vending market includes all vending, car-wash and  coin-operated businesses. AMROTEC® offers  high-end and advanced coin packager and medium to high-speed coin sorters at competitive rate. Check out our S-Series Coin Sorters including S-200 and S-500.    

(Mix Bill Value Counters)

Purchase our 2 pocket Heavy-duty new generation Touch-panel model "MiB-11V" or MiB-9 Currency Discriminator Counter or Mixed Bill Value counters to process 60,000 ~ 72,000 pcs bills per hour depending on models. We also offer single pocket Discriminator to replace high-cost branded simple Piece counters.

(Medium to Heavy Duty)

Purchase AMROTEC's Medium-duty MIB-Series Banknote Sorters (ranges from 3 to 5 pockets) to count and sort US denominations of banknotes into separate pockets as well as sort by fitness or face or orientation at a high-speed up to 1000 bills per minute. MIB-Series Banknote Sorters also able to process Casino barcoded Tickets.

(Heavy duty, 4-12 Pockets)

Purchase our K-Series Banknote Sorters ranges from 4 Pocket up to 12-pockets (plus 1 Reject Pocket) best suitable for High-volume cash-centers, Casinos, Banks and CIT Vaults etc to process and sort high-volume cash and or with Casino tickets. Our K-Series, made in Japan, are particularly designed for Heavy-duty operation and also capable of processing Casino tickets.

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