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Banknote Sorters (4 to 12 pockets) - Heavy duty

✳️ AMROTEC® offers heavy-duty Banknote Sorters equipped with multiple pockets ranges from 4 pocket to 12 pockets with a dedicated reject pocket. Such heavy-duty banknote sorters are capable of recognizing banknotes denomination and value and sort them into selected / designated pockets whereas deliver off-sort strangers or unfit banknotes or suspect banknotes to reject pocket.

✳️ Made in Japan by reputable manufacturer Laurel, K-Series Banknote Sorters particularly equipped with 4 stacker +1 reject) up to 12 Pocket +1 reject pockets. These models are best suitable for heavy-duty operation at bank vault or Casinos or CITs. K-4 model is  particularly suitable for back-up uses next to multi-pocket sorters (example 8 – 12 pockets or more). All K-Series Sorters are used for processing and separating high-volume Banknotes from Casino Tickets in mixture or processing of heavy volume banknotes with all US banknote denomination sorting, facing and orientation capability. All K-Series models are also able to separate banknotes based on various fitness criteria (ATM or FIT) and Federal Reserve Bank Guideline of Fitness Sorting of circulated banknotes and standard feature for all K-Series models.

✳️ K-Series Banknotes Sorters are also capable of reading Casino Barcoded Tickets as standard feature and decode them  to Casino software, such as “CASHPRO” (sold separately).

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