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Mix Bill Value Counters (1 ~ 2 Pockets Discriminators)

✳️ Mix Bill Value Counters are known as Currency Discriminators or currency Scanners and they range from having a Single stack pocket to 2-pockets with a reject pocket, capable of medium to heavy-duty operation. Such currency Discriminators are designed to recognize all banknotes denominations and value whereas able to count them, separate them and Facing or Orientation them.

? AMROTEC® brand Mix bill value counters, such as MIB-1, MIB-9 and MIB-11V process bills at a high-speed up to 1200 notes per minute and some models (MIB-1 and MIB-11V) able to process mixture of world-currencies in one single-pass. They are also equipped with sophisticated suspect detectors to be able to detect suspect banknotes and depending on models whereas MIB-11V is embedded with Dual CIS and IR, multi-channel of MR. MG and UV sensors making it preferable model for those customers concern about sophisticated suspect banknotes. USD and Canadian currencies software are standard for all of our mix bill value counter or discriminators.

? USD and Canadian currencies software are standard for all of our mix bill value counter or discriminators.  If an external printer (SNBC model) is connected, all of our models will provide various deposit and count report including day and Grand total or manual entry as well as show count in separation for multi-currencies.

? MIB-11F (Fitness Discriminator) model is able to sort or discriminate banknotes by various fitness criteria whereas MIB-11VC is designed for Casino ticket processing for Casino market (“MINIVOLX” software available for casinos).

? MIB-11VL is designed for law enforcement agencies to detect and scan banknote serial numbers and transfer and save them into our software.

? Choose from various models to fit your budget, specifications and application.

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