Mix Bill Value Counters are known as Currency Discriminators or currency Scanners and they range from having a Single stack pocket to 2-pockets with a reject pocket, capable of medium to heavy-duty operation. Such currency Discriminators are designed to recognize all banknotes denominations and value whereas able to count them, separate them and Facing or Orientation them. AMROTEC® brand Mix bill value counters process bills at a high-speed upto 1200 notes per minute and some models able to process mixture of world-currencies in one single-pass. They are also equipped with sophisticated suspect detectors to be able to detect suspect banknotes and depending on models, AMROTEC® brand Mix Bill Value Counters, such as MIB-11V or MIB-11F able to detect highly sophisticated known suspect banknotes in circulation today. Choose from various models to fit your budget and application.

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