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Currency discriminator with Voice guidance for Virtually impaired (Bundle)

AMROTEC® ‘s MIB-11VV Currency Discriminator or Mix Bills Value Counter bundled with “AURORA” 7″ Color Customer display having capability of Voice Guidance for Virtually Impaired operators. This machine is designed heavy-duty to process large volume cash at up to 1200 Notes Per minute or up to 72,000 bills per hour while optimizing cash processing efficiency in financial, retail and gaming environments. It is sold as a bundle with “AURORA” and machine will display live count results with denomination Break-down and total and once count is completed, it will provide voice guidance to virtually impaired operators as to count results in English or Spanish and various other languages (can select). In addition, MIB-11V model processes mixture of world currencies in a single pass — making it one-of-a-kind. Featuring sophisticated Dual-CIS Sensors image processing technology with IR-pattern recognition algorithm, the MIB-11V allows for various counting and sorting modes (Mix, Single, Sort, Face, Orient, Count) of uninterrupted operation with a dedicated full reject pocket, while at the same time, provides unparalleled bill recognition, denominating and highest detection of Super suspect banknotes. USA and Canada currency processing software are standard in all machines.

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