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AMROTEC Banknote Sorter MIB-3000 with 2 +1 Pockets (Bank and Casino Grade – Value, Sort, Fitness and TITO)


AMROTEC® MIB-3000 Banknote Sorter is equipped with 3 Stacker pockets among one pocket can be used as a dedicated Reject pocket. MIB-3000 allows various banknotes denominating and sorting of  user’s selected denominations to designated pockets at a speed of superb 1000 banknotes per minute. It also able to perform full-scale fitness sorting according to Federal Reserve Bank Guideline 2008 based on various fitness Criteria for USD banknotes and at a speed of 800 banknotes per minute.  As for Casino application, MIB-3000 can sort out mixture of cash and Casino tickets into separate pockets and process them at a speed of 1000 banknotes per minute as well. If “MINIVOLX” software (interface is ready and available) is purchased and connected to MIB-3000 model, it will send out cash count results as well as Ticket Barcode Decoding data to the software.  


Product is Made in South Korea.  1 Month Delivery time. SPECIAL PROMOTION – FREE Ground Trucking shipping to United States (Except Alaska, PR and other US Territories).  Oversize item and deliver to Customer’s loading dock only. 

"MINIVOLX" Software per Machine

Software to receive banknotes count results and barcoded Casino Tickets decoding info

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(*Ship within 2 – 3 business days after an order is placed and confirmed except SPECIAL PRODUCT ORDER. Contact us for bulk purchase inquiry and wholesale discounts!)

AMROTEC®  MIB-3000 Banknote Sorter with 2 Stackers and 1 Reject (Sorting, Fitness, TITO) 

AMROTEC® offers MIB-3000 with 3 Stacker pockets among one pocket can be used as a dedicated Reject pocket allowing various banknotes denominating,  sorting selected denomination to designated pockets, full-scale fitness for various fitness Criteria of USD Banknotes.   For Casino application, MIB-3000 can sort out mixture of cash and Casino tickets into separate pockets and process them. If our “MINIVOLX” software is (Interface is ready) purchased along with the MIB-3000 and connected with MIB-3000 model, it will  send out cash count results as well as Barcode Decoding value to the  MINIVOLX software.  

MIB-3000 is economical than Competitors in this category (Medium-duty 2+1 Pocket machine). It is designed for smaller casinos or suitable for a back-up next to large banknote sorters at the back room at financials and CITs. 

Reliable Accurate Fitness and Authentication Detection:

  1. The MIB-3000 model is equipped with Highly advanced bill Validator unit for denominating, fitness sorting, TITO (Processing Barcoded Casino Tickets and decode) and superb counterfeit detection. 
  2. MIB-3000 features several sophisticated sensors which deliver the ultimate performance with high accuracy under Medium-duty operation. Each of the sensors are designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspect banknotes are detected. 
  3. High-speed banknote and Casino Ticket processing. The MIB-3000 is able to process, denominates and sort banknotes at a remarkable high speed of 1000 banknotes per minutes  while sorting and scanning of Casino Barcoded Tickets for decoding at the same speed. MIB-3000 is, further, equipped with sophisticated Fitness Sorting mechanism and sensors to perform various fitness Criteria at 800 NPM.

Shipping Details: 

  • See “Additional Information” Tab for actual shipping weight and dimension). 
  •  No Inside Delivery; delivery at the loading Dock or at customer’s door. Purchaser is responsible for unpacking and installation at site. Contact us for training and set-up over the phone or chat room)

Why 3 Pocket sorter? Best Value!

User-friendly Design
Large 5″ Color Touch Screen for better visibility. Status indicators lit up and flashes in different colors depending on whether the Stacker is full, banknotes are remaining, or an error has occurred. Rotatable wheels at the bottom of MIB-3000 makes rear side of the machine easy to turn to front for jam removal as well as servicing without having to remove the machine from it’s location. It also requires smaller desk space to operate the machine. 
Optional Features: (Sold Separately)
1) Banknote Serial number scanning / OCR of S/N images
2) Loading of Additional world-currencies up to 12
3) “MINIVOLX” Casino Software Integration (Sold Separately)
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 13.3 × 15 in

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