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AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, SMART, User-Friendly, high-performance and impressive Currency Discriminators, multi-pockets currency/banknote Sorters Equipment designed to handle medium to heavy-duty cash volume requirements to count, sort, fitness and authenticate Currency at (1) financial institutions including commercial banks, credit-unions and community banks, (2) Casino and Gaming market segment to process and sort banknotes and Barcoded Tickets, (3) Various Retail and Cash processing centers and (4) Grocery-supermarket-vending market segment. Choose various models that we offer for various industries / market segment that fits your need and budget. Check out our high-performance medium to Heavy-duty Coin processing Equipment (Coin Sorters) to count and sort coins with full-bag capacity [per Federal Reserve Bank guideline for full-bag bags] at credit unions, medium to large retail chains, super-market, grocery stores, transportation companies, cash-wash and vending operations as well.

Popular Currency Discriminators (1 – 2 Pockets)

MIB-5000 and MIB-3000 Banknote Sorters with Sorting, Fitness / Casino Tickets

K-Series Banknote Sorters – Heavy duty from 4 to 12 Pockets (Sorting, Fitness, Casino Tickets)