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AMROTEC® has been offering most innovative, SMART, User-Friendly, high-performance and technology up-to-date Currency Discriminators, multi-pockets currency/banknote Sorters equipment designed to handle medium to heavy-duty cash processing requirements and perform functionality such as banknote denomination recognition and count, sort, fitness and authenticate depending on models. Various models to choose from and separated by various category, such as (1) Mix Bill Value Discriminator Counter; (2) Voice Guided Currency Discriminator Bundle; (3) Banknote Fitness Discriminator; (4) Banknote Sorters (Medium-duty); (5) Banknote Sorters Heavy-duty; (6) Medium to Heavy-duty Coin Sorters etc. Choose from various category products that we offer apply to various customers / industries / market segment and fits your need and budget.

MIB-5000 Banknote Sorters (4+1 Pocket) with Sorting, Fitness, Casino Tickets

K-Series Banknote Sorters – Heavy duty from 4 to 12 Pockets (Sorting, Fitness, Casino Tickets)