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ThumbnailsProduct TitleSKUShipping Weight(lbs)StockPriceQuantityTotal PriceAction
AMROTEC MIB-1 Mix Bill Value Counter with Single Pocket


15 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-9 Mix Bill Value Counter Dual-Pocket Bank-Grade


26 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-11V Mix Bill Value Counter Dual Pocket – Bank and Casino Grade, Heavy-Duty


45 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-11VV Mix Bill Value Counter – Bundle with Voice Guidance “AURORA” Customer Display unit


45 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-11F Fitness Currency Discriminator Dual Pocket – Heavy Duty

AMROTEC MiB-11F Fitness

45 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-11VC Currency Discriminator with Casino Barcode reading Feature – Dual Pocket

AMROTEC MiB-11VC Casino Model

45 In Stock
AMROTEC MIB-11VL Currency Discriminator with Banknote Serial Number Scanning- 2 Pockets (for Law-Enforcement)

AMROTEC MiB-11VL with Serial Number feature

45 In Stock
AMROTEC Banknote Sorter MIB-5000 with 4 +1 Pocket (Bank and Casino) Value, Sort, fitness, TITO(option)


77 In Stock
AMROTEC Banknote Sorter MIB-3000 with 2 +1 Pockets (Bank and Casino Grade – Value, Sort, Fitness and TITO)


40 In Stock
Banknote Sorter K3 model with 3+1 Pocket for Sorting, Fitness, Casino TITO

Laurel K-3

170 In Stock
1 2

Popular Currency Discriminators (1 – 2 Pockets)

MIB-5000 and MIB-3000 Banknote Sorters with Sorting, Fitness / Casino Tickets

K-Series Banknote Sorters – Heavy duty from 4 to 12 Pockets (Sorting, Fitness, Casino Tickets)