Product Warranty, Registration and Repair

Scroll through this page and download our 1-Year Standard Product Warranty for all AMROTEC® products sold through this E-Commerce Store. The warranty download information may contain details about the length of warranty as well as information about the rights, obligations, limitations, and exclusions that apply to AMROTEC® products. For more information about our  warranties, please contact us at or fill in the below contact form or via Live Chat during our business hours. 

Request for Service:

Warranty Repair / Service Options:

Online Training, Troubleshooting and Support: 

AMROTEC® provides extensive product training and technical support via telephone during business hours (Hawaii Standard Time), via online training manuals, FAQs and videos. Our customers (purchasers) can also talk to us via LIVE Chat for an instant resolution to their issues. See our Contact us page for various options.   

Depot Service: 

During 1-Year Standard Warrant period: 

  • While most of the problem can be resolved via phone or email, If AMROTEC® determines that problem cannot be solved through all available options and equipment must be repaired during this 1-year standard warranty period, customers would have to ship the equipment to our facility in Hawaii (Parts and Labor cost is free) or to one of our third party authorized service centers in California/West Coast or East Coast (Parts are Free, but Labor cost is not included and will be billed to customer based on a flat or per hour free + Shipping costs). 
  • Equipment will be professionally repaired within a day or two and return to our customers. Shipping costs to and from Hawaii or any other repair center are not included under this warranty and will be billed to customers.
  •  Depending on the state you are located in, AMROTEC® may be able to provide onsite repair through AMROTEC’s authorized dealer during this warranty period, however, customer will be billed for labor cost by our dealer while parts are free under this warranty. 
  • Please refer to our Warranty policy detailing our warranty and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization process) and contact us if you have any questions prior purchasing.

Extended Warranty (2 Years / 3 Years):

AMROTEC® offers extended warranty (2 years or 3 years) on certain equipment offered at our E-commerce store and customers have options to purchase such extended warranty at the time of the purchase of the item.  Particularly, AMROTEC® encourages customers to purchase such extended warranty for “MiB-Series” Currency Discriminators and “K-Series” Banknote Sorters in order to extend the longevity of your equipment and to keep them in well maintained. If purchased, same terms and conditions applied for extended warranty as our 1-Year Standard Warranty. 

Out-of Warranty Repair: 

  • Depending on Model / Type of products (Exclusion: Special Order Products), AMROTEC® may be able to provide shipping boxes including packaging materials and pickup service if needed (Customer will be billed for all cost).
  • Equipment is shipped to our depot repair facility (at customer’s’ cost) and inspected and provide repair quote at no charge if requested by our customers.
  • Repair costs (Parts, labor, shipping) are estimated and customer will receive notification of expected charges before a repair is taken place. 
  • Customer may elect to have equipment repaired or elect to have us return the equipment to customers without repair (at customer’s cost). 
  • Depending on your location, AMROTEC® may be able to provide onsite repair through one of it’s dealer depot-service in West-Coast (CA) or East- Coast (MA or WI).  AMROTEC® is continuously adding companies in this industry to it’s dealer-network for such service.